Compact Refrigerator Recycling


How to Dispose of Your Compact Refrigerator

When your old compact fridge has reached its end of life, the best way to handle the fridge disposal is recycling it! Proper and safe refrigerator recycling is easy, just use the location finder to find the closest fridge recycling location to you, then drop off your old fridge.

There is no charge for drop off and we have over 200 locations across BC so there should be one that’s close to you.

Here is some extra information about refrigerator recycling you might find useful:

  • We accept refrigerator or refrigerator-freezer combinations that are 6.4 cubic feet or less in volume. Includes beer kegs, wine dispensers and wine coolers. There are many other categories of large appliances that are accepted, for a full list go to
  • All cooling appliances contain refrigerating gasses. Don’t try to drain them yourself, our certified technicians will drain them, and we make sure that the gasses are processed safely. Remember there is no cost for drop off and that includes proper disposal of your fridge.
  • Please clean out all food from your fridge. Once it’s empty it’s ready for recycling.
  • Drop off is free, just find the recycling location closest to you by using the location finder.

What happens to it? by MARR is the approved recycling program for large appliances in BC. The program plan has been approved by BC’s Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy.  After you drop off your appliance certified technicians will remove the cooling gasses and any other substances of concern that such as mercury switches or PCB capacitors. Then your appliance is sent for processing at any one of a number of processing companies in BC.

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