Included Products

The program covers most types of large appliances that are used for residential use, including dual fuel natural gas or propane products provided the other power source is electricity. Appliances used in or sold for industrial, commercial and/or institutional applications that are essentially the same as major household appliances, are also included.

Program Funding

Our program is funded through Administrative Program Fees (APFs) that are charged at the point of sale for new appliances sold in BC. It's not a tax, nor a refundable deposit. Manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers may include the Administrative Program Fee (APF) in the product price or display it as a separate charge to purchasers. To learn more about the program and how it's funded, visit

Because the APF is charged at the time of purchase, there is no additional charge when products are brought to a MARR collection site at end-of-life. The APF's are $6.50 for cooling appliances and $2.00 for other large appliances.